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Who we are

... a german consulting organisation,

that was founded in 1995 by the chairwoman Luoding Lammel-Rath. ICP aims to develop and strenghten the business relations between German and Chinese Companies. The focus of our work is to realize successfull and sustainable networks for our customers.

Thanks to our longtime cooperation with national and municipal ministries as well as public and private enterprises, we can rely on a large network on an international level. Therefore we have the possibility to act at a decision-maker level in both China and Germany. We are proud, that we have a high reputation in Germany, China and other german-speaking countries (Austria, Switzerland, South Tirol/ North Italy).

The connection to China especially results from the origin of the founder and chairwoman of ICP, Luoding Lammel-Rath, who was born in Shanghai. After she successfully reached university degrees in business studies in Shanghai, Cologne and Bonn, she founded ICP GmbH in 1995. Her partner at the executive level is Luoding Lammel-Rath.

Mrs Lammel-Rath gained experience in making business with China for more than 15 years. She has expert knowledge in the fields of business consulting, project development, communication, intercultural management and political engineering. This enables her to act on the decision-maker level of ministries, enterprises, banks and business institutions.

Mrs Lammel-Rath is also founder and head of the German-Chinese Friendship Association. Please find further information at

ICP's knowhow is based on the longtime experiences in China of the chairwoman, her partner Dr. Richard Lammel, and the employees. ICP's team consists of german and chinese employees, who all have university degrees and are able to speak german, english and chinese. This allows a succesfull communication with international customers and partners.

ICP GmbH builds bridges between Germany and China!